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The Funk Olympics: Enter the creative world of Improv Theatre - Creative Team Building

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Guts, Glory, Innovation, Teamwork and Comedy…..What the ?

A combination of improvisation, theatre sports and comedy, the Funk Olympics flexes the muscles of confidence, teamwork and imagination. It’s a unique and creative way of building teams in a competitive, yet very fun environment. Most importantly, professional theatre directors, actors, entertainers and musicians facilitate the program for your team so you are working with the best.

To kick it off, your team are taken through some ‘warm ups’ and improv exercises. This enables the teams (or athletes…) to tune the mind, body and imagination and to feel comfortable about the challenge ahead. Participants then break into teams to develop their skills of improvisation, drama and humour. Your team will then assemble for the team building fun of the Funk Olympic Competition as they perform their skit live to an audience of their peers.

Is your team ready to top the podium, do something really fresh and receive their medal for outstanding creativity?

Benefits for your team

  • Your team learn the benefits of active listening and keeping ideas alive
  • Develops confidence as teams learn to think on their feet
  • Boost staff morale and camaraderie
  • Sparks continuous creative teamwork
  • Brilliant links to innovation through embracing the rules of improv theatre

Important stuff

  • Your Company’s themes, vision and values are easily incorporated into a session.
  • Everyone can participate and achieve success. No physically challenging activities!
  • Program is facilitated by professional theatre directors, entertainers and actors
  • Very groovy costumes provided
  • Performances provide great evening entertainment

Good to know

  • Group size
    6 – 200
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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Indoor team building: The Funk Olympics

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