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The Director in Me: Lights, action, camera & big, big laughs! - Creative Team Building

Creative team building Director in me
Take place, quiet on set…..Join the thousands of other people Australia Wide who have discovered the joy of our fantastic movie programs.

Be warned! This is not your usual ‘film’ program. The success of the program is what your team does before the film making starts.

Your team will go through some great energisers and improv theatre exercises that really take off the creative handbrake. Laughter and energy skyrocket as you find yourself in a great space, ready to create. It’s also important that your film looks great. So get ready for training in story boarding, using the camera, and editing your footage and vocal projection exercises. And then, you are ready to create a great film.

Great conversation, laughs and ideas unfold as your story become real. Costumes are chosen and you are ready to shoot.

If you want your team to love to you at your next event, introduce them to The Director in Me.

Benefits for your team

  • Opens up new lines of communication and teamwork
  • Provides a great way to explore and bring company themes to life
  • Encourages everyone to take a step outside of their creative comfort zone
  • You have something tangible to take away at the end of the program and keep the day alive
  • Everyone gets the chance to have fun and laugh! (With each other and at themselves)

Important stuff

  • Facilitators who are professional actors, entertainers and film makers who support your team throughout
  • Latest editing equipment used so your films are ready to watch straightaway
  • Provides fantastic entertainment for day and evening when you can view your films over dinner ‘tropfest’ style
  • Fantastic costumes, cameras. oscar trophies and great laughs provided.

Good to know

  • Group size
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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