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Interactive Quiz Hour: Great Technology + Quiz = big fun - Creative Team Building

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Looking for full team participation? The technology in this program will rock your team’s socks.

Using the latest in interactive technology, teams of all sizes compete against each other to test their knowledge and ability to stay cool when the heat is on. Racing against the clock, teams experience high pressure as they need to get their answer out quickly. If they hesitate, other teams race ahead. Collaboration and decision making are of utmost importance. If one team member gets it wrong, the whole team loses their points.

The interactive technology allows everyone in the room to see who got the answer correct. Boos, cheers and laughs erupt from the room with constant score updates and as the program build to a crescendo. The technology allows the quiz to take place over a few hours. The team quiz can stop and start to suit the pace of the event. A glass of wine is not only helpful but encouraged!

Are you ready for team building fun, energy and interaction and to see who is the smartest team in your company?

Benefits for your team

  • Highly visual, auditory and kinaesthetic experience that engages everyone
  • Questions can incorporate company information and themes so you can a greater ROI
  • Technology ensures great conversation and interaction

Important stuff

  • Can be facilitated anywhere
  • Works with any group size
  • Perfect program for large conference groups
  • Excellent day or evening interactive team building program

Good to know

  • Group size
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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Areas Serviced
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