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Disco Trivia - Creative Team Building

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Everybody loves to boogie! Everybody loves trivia! What are you waiting for?

Disco Trivia is a high-energy, high-fun team building event like no other. Imagine a night where karaoke, dancing and singing are all combined with trivia questions and games. Hold on as you find yourself in a party that will take idea of corporate functions to a whole new level! Disco Trivia is a night that brings participants right into the action, with dance off competitions, karaoke challenges and party games until eventually the night becomes a massive dance off party.

Disco Trivia has been designed so that even the most timid participant comes out of their shell, and allows team mates to bond in a fun, relaxed environment. Most importantly, an amazing singer/comedian runs your event and this takes your night to another level.

So, are you ready to not only test your knowledge but also pull out your best and Pulp Fiction twists and Saturday Night Fever moves?

Benefits for your team

  • Everyone participates. There is something for everyone in your team.
  • Opens up fantastic collaboration and communication between team mates
  • Teams develop great informal relationships that strengthen the formal relationships back at work
  • Your team will laugh hysterically and take some great memories from the event

Important stuff

  • Super Important! A professional singer/comedian delivers your event. Without these skills, your program doesn’t exist!
  • Can be run as part of a conference program, over drinks or over dinner.
  • Great ROI. Team building event and evening entertainment combined

Good to know

  • Group size
    8 – huge
  • Program Timing
    2 – 3 hours
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