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Shoot! Open your teams eyes to big ideas and the world around you - Creative Team Building

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Open your teams eyes to the world around them!

A Shoot! Corporate team building program is more than a creative and interactive treasure hunt. It’s about opening your team’s eyes to possibilities and the world around them.  It’s about exercising your teams creativity. It connects your team with the local environment. It develops possibility thinking. All it takes is enthusiasm and a digital camera.

To kick-start their creativity, your team goes through great improv theatre exercises along with a dynamic crash course in taking amazing photos. From there, your teams experience the atmosphere and unique environment of any city or location. With a no wallflowers policy, visible team involvement in photographs is actively encouraged and essential, as is interaction with the local community. Teams working together in a creative way is the only way to achieve a something outstanding.

A central theme for the photography program is chosen before hand to maximise the benefits for your team. With some great lateral thinking and behaviour, key themes and messages are brought to life and become real! Your team’s key messages can be explored and given a deeper importance, lodging it firmly in the head and heart.

Benefits for your team:

  • Develops both left and right thinking skills
  • Your team open their eyes to possibilities and the world around them
  • Builds a teams ability to interpret & execute creative ideas
  • Develops a great understanding of innovation and creativity

Important stuff

  • Facilitation team includes professionally trained photographer
  • Company themes and messages incorporated into the experience
  • Fun, unique and dynamic day that engages everyone – no physically challenging activities!
  • Can be incorporated with a number of Visualfunk Team Building activities

Click Photography Team Building to see what Shoot teams have done before. It’s very impressive!

Click Photography Team Building Gallery to see what Shoot teams have done before. It’s very impressive!

Good to know

  • Group size
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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Areas Serviced
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