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Creative Expression Sessions: Unleash creativity at your next event - Creative Team Building

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Want to unleash creativity and potential at your next event?

Well great news. Creative Expression Sessions is the perfect team building experience for any offsite or conference where you want variety, innovation and fun.

The program is designed to ensure maximum connection and good vibes between team members. Over a 3-day conference or as a half day of creative team activities, VisualFunk works with you and your team to ensure that there is plenty of fun and variety that will leave a smile on the face of every participant. Combining all of the best creative team activities that VisualFunk offers you, teams are able to develop their creative potential as they Paint, Dance, Taste, Improvise, Cook, Film, Photograph, Draw, Create, Perform and much, much more.

So what are you waiting for? Your fantastic conference is waiting.

Benefits for your team

  • Provides a massive shift in energy and motivation throughout your conference
  • Your team step out of their creative comfort zones
  • Delivers an “I can’t” into an “I can” attitude
  • Designed to complement learning and development outcomes of any conference, including yours.

Important stuff

  • Works with large and small scale team building groups and conferences
  • Your team can take part in ‘short’ taster sessions or a full bespoke program
  • The program can incorporate any of your specific themes and outcomes your conference has

Good to know

  • Group size
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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Areas Serviced
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