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My Story: Connect with Aboriginal culture and explore your story - Creative Team Building

Aboriginal art is full of stories, symbols and meaning and a key part of Aboriginal Culture.. Without written words, Aboriginal stories have been recorded for thousands of years and passed from generation to generation. It’s a connection between past and future.

My Story is an Art team building program that gives your team the chance to represent their own unique story. By bringing a theme to life, your team develops a clearer vision of what’s important and what they want their story to be. Your team create their own unique symbols with unique meanings on a personal, team or organisational level. These then form part of a ‘My story’ team artwork.   My Story is an exploration of culture, story telling, and discovery and a journey into what matters.

Benefits for your team

  • Teams develop a fantastic insight into Aboriginal Culture and heritage
  • Team bonding experience as team mates discover more about each other
  • Creates a powerful record of the what your team wants to be
  • Creates an understanding of what’s important on an organisational and personal level
  • Encourages whole brain thinking

Important stuff

  • Facilitated by a professional Aboriginal Artist and Facilitator
  • Team members are involved in every step of the art team building process – brainstorming, drawing and developing symbols and painting the artwork.
  • Aboriginal Art Team Building is appropriate for all levels of artistic ability
  • Post event: The paintings are taken back to the VisualFunk studio, retouched and varnished and prepared to hang to give a professional appearance. They are then couriered back to your workplace, ready to go on the wall.

Click Art Team Building in action and Creative Team Building Art Galleries to see what teams create. It’s very impressive!

Good to know

  • Group size
  • Program Timing
    2 to 3.5 hours
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