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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I find the more that I read about creativity in books, there often seems to be a point missing – about the simple idea of opening your eyes and being open to what is around you. Going for a walk and being a sponge to the world around you. The article I read today said ‘To be open is to live with a sense of curiosity, where every moment is an opportunity for learning, where existing ideas, mental models and beliefs are temporary and flexible.” Read more about it here One of the great things I have always tried to do as an artist is to walk with eyes open. That way you notice the flakey paint on a door that reveals many paint layers, a cracked window that changes light, the great patterns in a pavement or the amazing colour in flowers. These observations then drive your creativity and your artistic practice. julia nobis agency Your art thrives! Take a great look, a really great look at the world around you this weekend. Adidas 2017 Be open. It’s also great fun.

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