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ART HEIST – An Amazing Race Team Building event with a difference

A perfect day running around The Rocks with a great client.

Earlier this month I had the fortune (and fun) to facilitate our Art Heist team building event with AMR throughout The Rocks Sydney.

Art Heist is an Adventure Race style of event with a heavy artistic spin. Participants were informed that a series of art works by an internationally renowned artists has gone missing from one of Australia’s leading Art Galleries and their task was to ensure the exhibition will take place. They then had to navigate through The Rocks whilst carrying out a series of challenges. They re-created art works via drawing, sculpting, snapping photo’s, filming short skits and seeking advice from a number of wandering artists (professional actors) found along their journey.

Here are a few of our top shots captured by the team members. Challenges included; “Take a photo of your sculpture in a situation or location they shouldn’t be in?” “Shoot a photo of your team participating in the latest fitness craze Hip Hop Yoga!”, “Design a Where’s Wally photo with all of your team members present and Inspired by the many stairs used by local office workers banging out a quick lunch time work out capture a photo entailed “Lazy Bastard!”

We lucked out on the weather (beautiful, sunny about 22 degrees) and had a location to work with that would be hard to beat…

Thanks AMR. It was a brilliant day and I must say your Where’s Wally photo’s where top notch!



Visual Funk Lead Facilitator


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