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Last Friday was a beautiful day in Sydney. Not just because of the weather, which was impressive, but because we held our fantastic Amazing Grace’s Charity Race for a group of 100 from all around Australia in the confines of Cockle Bay. A great venue for the Amazing Race as it’s a circular course, it’s a great vibe and it’s a fun place to be.

We had 10 teams of people who started off the day in Nick’s Bar & Grill right on the waterfront. The teams were given a pack containing their first clue. Then it was on! They spent the next couple of hours exploring Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour, trying to find clues to reveal the location of Amazing Grace, a leading philanthropist who had recently disappeared. Along the way they bumped into some very colourful characters who had the teams roaring with laughter at the activities they were asked to do! Clowns, Magicians, Heroes from Ancient Greece, Street Artists. We like to keep our team building creative!

The race finished back at Nick’s Bar & Grill, where teams were asked to create a sculpture out of objects they had collected during the race – these sculptures were superb – creative, funny and some very topical. We then played back some of their antics during the day on the big screen and announced the winner. A great way to finish the day and lead into a yummy dinner and drinks.

See below for some of the stuff they got up to……


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