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A question of time

For someone who has made a living from both practicing creativity (The Arts) and then teaching creativity (Visualfunk) I think one of the most important contributors to creativity (at a personal or corporate level) is time. There are may other contributors at play but time is a huge one. Trolleys Mammut I am finding this more and more in my own art practice and creative pursuits. I am lucky to have an art studio attached to my house for creating art. What’s missing? The time to spend in my art studio. With running a company, having children and attempting to exercise to maintain some sanity, there is very little time to paint. I am a great believer in the creative flow. Jackets fleece Once you are in the creative flow, great things happen. When you are painting in the creative flow (every day), great things happen. When you are painting only once/week, the creativity flow slows. It doesn’t mean that I am not creative any more. Creativity exists everywhere and in all forms. It does mean that my painting becomes stifled, the output isn’t as great as previously and I have plenty of unfinished works. A certain area of my creativity (and my passion) has slowed down. I am the first to acknowledge that my painting output has slowed. I also acknowledge that every time I paint, a spark lights inside that gives me a sense of both personal and creative fulfillment. I just cant fit it in! So is creativity also an issue of time management? Is it a matter of making the right choices as to what to do with your time? Is it a matter of priorities? Is it the ramblings of a mad artist in the Qantas Lounge on Friday evening? I am not sure but I know that there are only so many hours in a day.

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