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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I met with a new business partner last Friday. I have plenty of people always ringing up and wanting to meet with the view of collaborating (getting some work) with Visualfunk. These mostly don’t go far (for many reasons) but this particular time it did. As Visualfunk is a business about creativity, I always look to see how the people we ever partner with practice this. I had my meeting at the clients office space. When I walked in, I was blown away. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling Not because of how corporate slick or expensive it was but because it was creativity central! It had artifacts from all over the world, a number of physical projects that everyone was working on, loads of art, music and home made furniture from things they had found and converted. There was something cool going on everywhere that you looked. This doesn’t mean it was cluttered, it was just very funky. He showed me a number of things that they had made and the current projects. This place was alive and living. When I left I was massively inspired. mu legend zen for sale How could great things not happen in an environment like this? My point? The environment that you create for yourself has a massive influence on your creative output and energy levels. If you sit in a communist era grey cubicle each and every day, how can you expect to produce amazing work, come up with amazing ideas and most importantly, have the energy to put them into action? Ignoring your environment is a great way to stifle your creativity. I immediately knew from the environment that we met in that this person valued curiosity, had a great imagination, plenty of motivation and walked around with eyes that were open to the world. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling All essential attributes for developing your creativity. Whatever you want to achieve creatively, before you start worrying about the output or what thinking process you will use, create a fantastic environment that will stimulate your creativity and keep this space alive. Put up a painting. Make something. Paint a wall! Change it, add to it and have some fun. Go nuts and great things will happen for your creative space.

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