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Creative team building

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A previous blog recieved a mention in a Forbes blog.  Its a great article so I thought it very worthwile to share it.

Do you find your creativity at a lull and needing a jolt at times?  For extra spark, gain insights from leaders and designers to jump-start your creativity.  Consider the following:

1. Amp up your idea: Gregg Fraley suggests starting your creative journey by believing you are creative. Believe it. Simply Believe You Are Creative. Your most basic beliefs drive how you think, your brain listens to the programming you put in via your thoughts, like punch cards on an old computer. If you keep feeding it the “I’m Creative” card, it starts acting like it. When we hit the wall seeking ideas, feed in the card “I’m going to think of something great,” or “I’ll have a great idea for this.” Even when your faith falters, as the songs says, Don’t Stop Believin, fake it until you make it — you will make it — make an active choice to be creative.

2. A funky environment energizes creativity Visualfunk describes how well-chosen objects make creative spaces come to life. The environment that you create for yourself, Visualfunk notes, has a massive influence on your creative output and energy levels. He compares working in a gray cubicle to an environment where you can open your eyes to the world. So… Put up a painting. Make something. Paint a wall! Change it, add to it and have some fun. Go nuts and great things will happen for your creative space.

Read the full article here. Enjoy!

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